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Secretary of the Board — James Swinton, 60 Sheridan St., Brantford Classification of certificates: — Men: Women : I. of part-time teachers 1 Total ; 264 NAME OF TEACHER Certi- ficate Salary NAME OF TEACHER flcate S^'"'^ Alexandra (417) (214 Darling Street) Hands, George L., B. Joy Ritchie, David L Rottar, Vera Y Smith, Joan E Teasdale, M.

The campaign finally crushed effective military resistance in Serbia but failed to destroy the Serbian army, which, though cut in half, managed to withdraw to Entente-held ports in Albania and, after recuperation and rearmament by the French, reentered fighting on the Macedonian front.Williililli liii I THE LIBRARY The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education Toronto, Canada LIB R A R Y MAR 8 Wt THE ONTARlv; FOR STUDIES IN TUTE EDUCATION SCHOOLS AND TEACHERS IN THE PROVINCE OF ONTARIO PART I Elementary Schools November, 1958 ONTARIO Ref 371.*009713 059Sa PRICE .00 1956 pt.l =ii V Winston Churchill (453) [Mac Donald Avenue) Fairman, Everett S Horwood, Robert Bristol, Maribeth Cook, Mary H Elson, Olive P Graham, Mrs.