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15-Jul-2017 08:00

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It’s really hurtful.” Just because a few things on the list ring true doesn’t mean that she’s into you.

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Many societal forces still condition women to behave passively, and in matters of modern romance, plenty of women defer to the man’s lead.

But if I like someone, I’ll find some reason to contact him afterward—like texting him an article we discussed, or emailing him a funny video, or asking him to repeat that recommendation he gave me.

Usually, I’m hoping a conversation will launch from here.” — “One trick I learned from romantic comedies is to ask him to teach me something.

Hottest foreplay of my life.” — If you’re starting to get the sense that there might be some romantic tension between you and a woman, but you’re not totally sure, just remember: the same signal can mean two different things.

For example: “Whenever a guy is hitting on me in public and I’m not into it, I take refuge in my phone and try to make as little eye contact as possible.

Because here’s the thing, gents: You could monitor her pupil dilation, body temperature, vocal octave, and hair-flips with scientific rigor, but the fact is: the only way to know if a woman likes you is by communicating with her directly. Yes, but far more effective than analyzing the direction her feet are pointing when you’re seated at a restaurant. And if you still want a list of cues she might drop if she’s interested in you, we’ve collected stories from real, live women about how they communicate interest to men.

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