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27-Sep-2017 01:14

Therefore, GT searches for the term “sex” are a good proxy for interest in sexual behavior in the countries analyzed in this study.

Figure 1 depicts GT weekly sex-search data for 10 years from January 2004 to February 2014 for a set of Northern countries, which celebrate Christmas on December 25th.

However, for many countries, common records used to investigate these hypotheses are incomplete or unavailable, biasing existing analysis towards Northern Hemisphere Christian countries.Indeed, the observed sex-search peaks match birth rate increases for this set of countries when shifted by nine months (Fig.S3A), which further confirms GT sex-searches as a good proxy for sexual activity.However, this conception peak also coincides with religious celebrations, like Christmas, suggesting that culture drives the observed birth cycles.

Culture and biology certainly influence each other, and it is very likely that both influence sexual drive.

Yearly maximum peaks occur during Christmas week (red vertical lines), as previously observed for the USA; even in a situation of increased general online activity, the increase in sexual interest is higher.

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