Ponte do rio kwai online dating

13-Jun-2017 20:30

Mas Nicholson, teimosa e corajosamente, suporta tudo com espantosa dignidade.

Obtm uma grande vitria moral sobre os japoneses e de seguida aceita tomar o comando da construo da ponte.

Unknown to him, the Allies have sent a mission into the jungle, led by Warden and an American, Shears, to blow up the bridge. The enlisted men notice the Japanese soldiers are bringing clubs into the office to beat him. See more » I heard a film critic once say that there really aren't "war movies"; there are only "anti-war" movies.

Este grupo é escolhido pelo chefe do campo para construir uma ponte sobre o rio Kwai.

He is an honorable but arrogant man, who is slowly revealed to be a deluded obsessive.

He convinces himself that the bridge is a monument to British character, but actually is a monument to himself, and his insistence on its construction becomes a subtle form of collaboration with the enemy. Saito's office to be beaten after standing all day in the sun at approximately 11 minutes into the film.

-Kwai-, I believe, is both a "war" and "anti-war" movie, and, in my view, it succeeds admirably at both.

There is almost no element of -Kwai- that is not praise-worthy. The cinematography is great (even though the color seems increasingly drained in film versions that I have seen). I honestly believe that this is Alec Guiness's best performance, and Sessue Hayakawa is also highly sympathetic and believable. It's brutality is not captured here in terms of gory carnage or senseless battles.William Holden and Jack Hawkins round out the cast nicely. Simply put, -Kwai- is an excellently constructed film made by people who obviously cared a great deal about it. Instead, the psychological dimension of brutality comes across clearly.

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