Sonar 4 updating system

05-Jun-2017 22:59

Another major fix relates to the occasional mismatch between actual audio levels and recorded volume automation data — now they match.

Finally (for this little round-up, anyway), it's no longer possible to record onto an archived track.

I've only been with the family for a little over a year, and I've been impressed by the cleanness of the design, the integration of virtual instruments, audio handling, MIDI handling, MIDI plug-ins, and all the nice extras that its good to have around 'just in case'.

Sonar 's loop- and clip-based audio and MIDI sequencing has made it a hit with the dance and hip-hop crowd, but these features are tidily integrated into a program that excels in any environment where music is required, from home studio to video editing suite.

The first positive impression I've had from opening a Sonar box is the manual.

Not a skinny little installation-and-getting-started booklet, but a fat, well written, fact-packed manual.

On a less dramatic level, in 'sound-on-sound' mode, auto-punch recording of audio or MIDI to the same track now defaults to muting previous takes, although you can alternatively retain the existing default, where previous takes are not muted.

Finally, the Transport menu offers a 'Set Timecode at Now Time' command, which provides a convenient way to sync an audio score to external video.

, when I hit Shift Space bar, the program instead plays back whatever is selected in the Clips pane. Coupled with the benign copy protection (but how long will they be able to keep it in the face of absurd levels of software theft?

And, of course, what would an update be without bug-fixes?