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leaving many a Mars fan in tears as she was utterly ignored by her "comrades," but in the manga, the only woman Mamoru ever saw was Usagi.

In fact, Sailor Mars didn't even start liking him as a future king, until well into Sailormoon R.

In the 30th Century, when Usagi was 22, she gave birth to Chibiusa, became Neo-Queen Serenity and then stopped aging.

Chibiusa stopped growing when she was 6 years old, and her body did not begin to age again, until after her powers manifested.

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Remember, as Sailor Venus made mention of in Sailormoon graphic novel #11, nothing is set in stone, the future can change if you're not careful. Although he has HUGE hands when he's human, and looks a hell of a lot better than Tuxedo Mask, Artemis did NOT father Princess Serenity.

Before I answer this one, lemme point out that according to the Sailor Stars manga, Luna and Artemis come from the planet Mau.