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I want to do something else.” It would play games with me! ZD: Charming, sense of humor, being honest whilst maintaining a sense of compassion, understanding, and spontaneous. I’ve had an awesome life, but it would be so freaking boring, that autobiography.

The raven was like, “Oh this is such an easy job for me, I don’t want to hit my mark anymore. She is not even an alter ego, she is basically half of me, because if I am being a brat of if I’ve done anything wrong, I can pretty much get out of any situation with my family or friends or whatever, with that character. When she created a new life in America, she doesn’t really remember where she came from. ZD: () JJ: Avan is running around your chicken coop, naked. JJ: What are your favorite features of the opposite sex? But it’s awesome because that means the movie did well and people enjoyed it.

My mom was like, “well, that was a really crazy, frightening moment. I feel very lucky to be surrounded by people who at least, from my perspective don’t try to change me. Hypothetically speaking, if Avan were running around my chicken coop naked, I would again, not ask any questions, because that seems plausible () JJ: What’s the most romantic thing you’ve done? Oolong Tea is the first thing that just came to my mind. I don’t care, I just want to learn about anything and everything. ZD: This is such a wild dream that the chances that this would ever come to fruition but it’s good to have big goals. I don’t really know where the line between fame and celebrity comes into play. When I was raised, she made salad, and always water with my dinner.

() Just because circumstantially, I feel like I’m not going to get in trouble for that one because Chris has a girlfriend and I have a boyfriend (Avan Jogia). My mom was quite nervous and my sister said, “Oh yeah, that’s Zoey,” and walked away. ZD: I think giving, or being given permission, to do or feel the way I do, and not be told to do anything otherwise. ZD: () This is going to be misconstrued and people are going to think this is a real story. Not necessarily pursuing them as a career, but I’m really interested in psychology, linguistics. It’s kind of fake, it’s all subjective to the situation in that specific time.

I don’t know if it’s going to be a girl or a boy.” And usually kids have a pretty bad reaction. And now we’re getting into that sketch on called “The Californians,” where I’m like “And then you take the 101 to the 405 and get off at Sepulveda.” JJ: What turns you on creatively, spiritually, or emotionally? JJ: What profession, other than your own, would you like to attempt? That would be the profession, but I’m definitely interested and passionate about other career fields.

My mother was having the talk and telling her, “Okay, you’re going to have a sibling. Unless there’s terrible traffic, then it takes six or seven hours, but that’s a whole different subject and that happens anywhere in LA.

She also talked about her next film, Midnight Rider, about the Allman Brothers. If you were going to do one of these young adult adaptations, especially one that is a vampire story, was it important to you that it be different from what’s already out there? And then, I worked throughout filming, as well, during lunch and on my day off.

I loved the character – it’s a kind of bad-ass heroine who uses her humor as a defense mechanism, as a means of survival. ZD: I would say that I prepared more for the emotional stuff because I couldn’t prepare for the action stuff because half of it, I would be taught the action sequences like ten minutes before, which is even more terrifying.

DEUTCH: Pretty much the second I auditioned for it, I went online and Googled it, and I saw how passionate and avid these fans were. It would make us miserable to try, and it’s just not possible. A., so I was nitpicked for every little thing I did and every way I looked.

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